Lament of Lemora

The Lament of Lemora is an epic poem about a Hastane warrior named Braugr Isenfold and his half-elven lover, Lemora Goldenglen. In the poem, Braugr and Lemora meet in the forests of Faerinwold. They fall in love and have many adventures together, before Braugr is called home to his Jarl and Lemora must remain behind.

Years later, Braugr has risen high in the Jarl’s service. When a delegation of Summerlings arrives at the entrance of Sigurth’s Climb in a snowstorm, hooded and cloaked, seeking entrance, Braugr and his men are sent to investigate. They do not offer hospitality, and the Summerlings respond with insults and veiled threats. Tensions between Summerlings and Hastane rise, and accusations begin to fly. Finally, one Summerling that had been lagging behind rushes forward, causing Braugr to fell the attacker with his axe. A battle ensues, and all but Braugr and the first Summerling he struck are slain.

As Braugr inspects the bodies, he discovers that the Summerling that rushed forward was Lemora, who is mortally wounded. She gasps out that she took passage with the Summerlings to meet with her love, and she rushed forward in joy when she saw him. Braugr weeps as he holds her in his arms, knowing that she is dying. As she dies, he stabs himself with his own dagger to follow her to the Shadowfell.

The lament concludes with the narrator reflecting that, if simple rules of hospitality had been followed, the tragedy would’ve been averted.

Lament of Lemora

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