Grape Arbor

The Grape Arbor is the sole remaining Inn in Seowyn’s Crossing. Although many years ago there were quite a few inns, now only the Arbor remains, catering to those who’re traveling through. It has ample accommodations, and it’s rare that there are ever too many travelers in town for its rooms. On those occassions, some farmers in town make a few extra coins by taking on lodgers.

The Arbor is a three story building with a courtyard, a well, a public bath, a stable, and a basement. This makes it one of the larger buildings in the Crossing. Taran Eldenshire is the proprietor, and the Arbor has been in his family for many generations. He is teaching his own sons and daughters how to run the place, so it’s likely an Eldenshire will be running the Arbor for many generations to come.

The Arbor does not serve food or drink, but it is quite close to the Minstrel’s Tarry and Goodwife Ableby’s cookhouse. Guests staying at the Arbor can pay a few copper pennies to send a boy or girl from the staff running across the square for a meal or a much-needed thirst-quencher, as well as to take that meal in one of the Arbor’s common rooms, which still affords more privacy than most spots in the Tarry.

Rooms at the Arbor are comfortable and come in many varieties. For a mere silver shilling, one can sleep in the Common Hall. This room is a large open affair with space for many to sleep on the straw mats. It has its own fireplace, which is kept banked low for warmth in the colder months. There are also many private rooms, mostly clean, comfortable, and simple.

Stabling for horses and other animals is available, as is a private bathing house, segregated for males and females. Sanitary facilities are available in the form of chamber pots in every room, and a public jakes in the yard, with mullein growing nearby.

While certainly rustic by comparison to the great Inns of the larger cities of Summerlund, it is certainly the finest Inn anywhere in the vicinity.

Grape Arbor

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