Eirene Adelani

Eirene Adelani, born Eirine Ableby, is the current Lady Mayor of Seowyn’s Crossing. She is a kindly, if somewhat ineffectual leader of the community. When it comes to organizing festivals, making sure charity goes to those who need it, and making sure people are happy on an individual level, she’s fairly capable. When it comes to delegating authority for various projects, standing up to nobility, and making sure everything is running smoothly, she rather falls apart.

She has dark hair, streaked with gray, worn in a snood or under a hood, and she’s rather slender. Most would guess her to be in around her early 40s. She dressed almost exclusively in black and dark purple, claiming to still be in mourning for Mikael Adelani, her second husband, who died 15 years ago. She walks with the aid of a cane, although no one is sure why, as she has no obvious limp. She has dark gray eyes, and she wears glasses.

Her first husband was Amos Tholl, a local farmer of no great note, but Mikael Adelani was the charismatic and popular mayor from 1155 to 1163, when he was slain by goblins from Gristamere. She has no children from either marriage.

Eirene’s mother, Janette Ableby, is still living, running the cookhouse that abuts the Minstrel’s Tarry.

Eirene Adelani

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