Arnos Sallorsson

Arnos Sallorsson was an adventuring Rogue of mixed Kalrentai and Hastane descent who lived in Summerlund from 995 to 1028 SKR. He was well known as a very out-spoken and flamboyant man who kept extensive journals and maps of his journeys. He would often tell tales of his outrageous adventures, and he earned a fair trade as an entertainer.

Most of this bravado faded when he joined a group of adventurers in an exploration of one of the infamous Lich Acererak’s dungeons. This dungeon became known as the Tomb of Horrors following Sallorsson’s explorations, and, along with several companions, he’s known to have left a hand behind there.

In the last few years of his public life, Sallorsson became obsessed with finding out Acererak’s secrets, and he chased rumors of another Acererak dungeon to Velnar. He has not been heard of since, and many assume he is deceased. If so, he left behind a considerable fortune in gold and magical treasures in a vault in Kurdenheim with instructions to only deliver it to the member of his family who brought his signet ring to them…a last bit of attempt at revenge against the lich, perhaps.


Arnos Sallorsson

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