The Shaper

Shardmind Psion


Achievements Unlocked

Can’t Miss I – Hit at least once in 3 consecutive rounds of an encounter.
I Will Smite Thee with my Mighty Blade I – Do 15 or more damage with a single attack.


Just as a saturated solution is necessary, but insufficient for the growth of crystals, so to a mass of psionically-sensitive crystals is necessary, but insufficient to the “birth” of a Shardmind.

Both require some inconsistency, some nucleation site, some mote of irregularity around which the regular, ordered lattice of either crystals of consciousness then inevitably forms itself.

For the Shaper, this was the short life and early death of Brom Furrow, a farmboy who wanted nothing more than to grow one day to find High Adventure with his friends. But his opportunity found him without Numa – that essence which stirs in the blood of heroes – and he was slain in defense of his beloved friends. He was wearing a peculiar green crystal on a thong around his neck, as he had for years, and it was this intimate connection to the sensitive medium of psionic crystal formations which at the moment of Brom’s death, galvanized that mass of crystals into rapid growth and life.

The Shaper

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