Kidalis Havengard

A Warden whose relation with the primal began with an unusual trip to the fey


Achievements Unlocked

Can’t Miss I – Hit at least once in 3 consecutive rounds of an encounter.
Can’t Miss II – Hit at least once in 5 consecutive rounds of an encounter.
Can’t Shake It I – Fail 3 consecutive saving throws against an ongoing effect.
Damage Magnet I – Take 50 or more damage in one session.
Damage Magnet II – Take 75 or more damage in one session.
Team Player – Revive a Dying adventurer.


Kidalis is the youngest of three from a minor noble who acquired his title through good deeds while adventuring. He is an active individual and enjoys exploring new places. An expert of nature and that which lies beneath, he makes an excellent guide.

Raised with the view that nobles are needed because commoners don’t know what is best for them, he has a bit of an arrogant attitude, but that aside, he is a genuinely good person and always tries to do the best thing in any situation.

Fostered to Baron Greenfields in Seowyn’s Crossing has certainly given him a bit of a wider view of the world and the people in it, as well as honed his knowledge of the surrounding lands and the like. He trains at Road’s End in fighting and enjoys carrying the weight of his shield and longsword, though respects the use of a handy glaive.

He is inspirational to the people he trains with, simply for his slow and steady way about him and his lack of the need of worldly possessions. For a noble, he is fairly down to earth and straightforward with little patience for needless politicking and rumor mongering.

As a child, Kidalis is a fairly lean and wiry kid. Not quite as tall as most, but not particularly short. A pure bred Summerling, his complexion is quite dark. His facial features are most definately from his mother and have a soft cast to them, while his shoulder length hair is thick, fine, and jet black like his father’s. Though at birth, his eyes were a deep chocolate brown, after his … excursion into the feywild, they seem to turn into a deep green that lighten as he gets older.

His dress depends on if his mother is around or not. She dotes on her kids more than a little and some joke about how she had children just so she could play dress up. While he has taken to the fastidiousness that she seems to have instilled on him, his actual garb is much more simple when on his own. He keeps his hair normally pulled back in a very straight short ponytail to keep it out of the way. Generally Kidalis can be found in a pair of sturdy, well made cotton trousers with a loose, but equally well made cotton ivory shirt. His only visual queue that most will notice of his nobility is his signet ring that his father gave him upon the beginning of his fostering with Baron Greenfields.

As an adult, Kidalis has kept much of his wiryness of his childhood. While he is physically quite strong, his physique does not immediately show it. His hair has only gotten longer and it can usually be found in either a loose braid, or occasionally all of it will be done in many very tight braids.. Particularly if he knows he will be in the wild for quite sometime and not around a proper bath. His facial features have also acquired an aristocratic cast to them, and he is more easily recognized as noble, even in his travel leathers.

Kidalis Havengard

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