The so-called warforged are a race of sentient, living constructs. They are theorized to have been created by the Old Ones of Summerlund myth, but they have no memory of this.

They were discovered in the area called the Broken Barrows, near the Summerling town of Seowyn’s Crossing in 831 SKR. An ancient tomb of seeming Old One construction was opened by a party of adventurers, and the warforged within awoke for the first time. At first, they defended their place of rest, but, when they realized that the adventurers were of races they did not recognize, hostilities halted and talks began.

The warforged, as they were dubbed by the locals, emerged from their long resting place and began to explore the world around them. Though at first they seemed golem-like and almost simple-minded, they learned quickly and became as intelligent as other creatures. Everyone was surprised, however, when the “golems” were discovered to have souls of their own.

Although many warforged, feeling no connection to anything but war, swore themselves to the military of Summerlund, many others cattered throughout the Seven Kingdoms to learn and took up residence elsewhere. Warforged fought on both sides of the battle in the Second Witching War. The largest single enclave of warforged is still in the Broken Barrows, at what they call Firsthome.



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