Universitas Magesterium

The Universitas Magesterium was a school of magic founded in 431 SKR. It was founded by six wizards who came together for mutual aid and friendship, teaching their arts to one another and to their students. It was situated in the Valley of the Subtle Arts in central Aldorath. The school was divided into six colleges, each one studying a specific form of magic.

The Emerald Frost school’s founder, the Hastane shaman Ulora Bearpelt, favored the wand to direct her war-magics. She specialized in magics of Acid and Cold to defeat her enemies.

The founder of the Golden Wyvern college was the eladrin war-wizard Fashirion ap Anarius. He prefered wielding the staff and taught a school of fierce battle-mages.

The Hidden Flame college was taught by Harkan Phoenixeye of Summerlund. He favored the staff as his chosen implement and taught magics of Fire and Radiance.

The Iron Sigil college was founded by the dwarven mage Ruthven Stoneshaper of Kurdenheim. His students favored the orb and learned magics of Force, Protection, and Thunder.

The Serpent Eye college was founded by the elven wizard Eliani Brightscale of Faerinwold. She taught the ways of Enchantment and Beguiling and favored the orb.

Mamere Tulia Silverstar, the halfling sage of Dalenshire, founded the Stormwalker college. Woe to anyone who looked down her wand, for Thunder and Lightning followed in her wake.

An unofficial seventh house, Black Raven, was founded by a Tiefling student named Uthol Varstros. This school specialized in the Tome as an implement and studied magics of Poison and Psychic.

The Universitas was destroyed in 715 by its own teachers, during the Second Witching War. Fearful that the Witch Queen or the goblins of Gristamere would seize their secrets, they destroyed the valley and let the sea flood in, creating the Lake of Lost Memory. Now the wizards descended from the Universitas teach their secrets alone, or in smaller groups.

Universitas Magesterium

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