Tythas Brightbow

Tythas Brightbow is the father of Tristan Holdfast. He is an Elf Warlock and brother to Calthis Brightbow. He had mastered the rare art of being able to cast his warlock powers through his bow and spear.

He and Calthis were both suitors of Tilomena Holdfast, but it was the gentle Calthis that won her heart. Tythas seethed at this, but he hid his emotions behind a slowly crumbling mask. During a visit to Faerinwold, Calthis asked his brother to guard Tilomena. Tythas took Tilomena to a place called the Glade of the Guidestar, where the light of the purple star Caiphon could be seen and asked for oracular advice. There, he forced himself on Tilomena and then fled.

Calthis has spent most of his life trying to track down his brother, who had gone quite mad from what he had done, but the wily warlock has always eluded him. When Tristan was born, he had purple eyes like Tythas, but, at the request of Calthis and Tiolmena, the Wizard Benethir Talvarison used cantrip magic to turn Tristan’s eyes green, like Calthis’.

Recently, Calthis told Tristan the truth, apologizing for not being a better father to the boy. What Tristan’s actions towards Tythas might end up being is still unknown.

Tythas Brightbow

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