Tuthan the Mariner

Tuthan was a young nobleman of Falwyth. He was patriotic and a naval officer, supporting his family and the people of Falwyth against the perceived threat of the Dragonborn of Azmartheon. One day, his father told him that, come the morning, they would never lose rule of Falwyth, and Tuthan went to sleep contented. When he woke, however, he found that his life had become a nightmare. He had become one of the first tieflings.

When he confronted his father, he found that the nobles of Falwyth had made pacts with devils to keep control of their kingdom. Horrified, he rejected this change in his homeland’s fortunes utterly. He forsook his family name and gathered tieflings and humans who felt the same way together. He commanded a fleet of Falwyth ships across the Bright Sea to the west, earning the title “the Mariner” amongst those he aided. Under his command, the ships discovered the eastern shore of Aldorath, and there, the refugees founded the new kingdom of Summerlund.

Tuthan refused a noble title in the new kingdom, perhaps out of fear of being corrupted by power. Instead, he became the captain of Summerlund’s navy, constantly patrolling to protect their waters from any who might come from Falwyth to oppose them. Legend holds that he sat in the Tower of the Rising Dawn, watching the seas to the southeast, contemplating the fate of their homeland. His explorations of Summerlund’s coast are reflected in many place names, which he gave to friends and nobles of his new land. Only one, the Bay of Tuthan, bears his name.

Finally, he couldn’t prevent the temptation of curiosity. He took a small, hand-picked crew and sailed back towards Falwyth. There is no record of his having reached it, or of his ever returning to Summerlund, but his sailing coincided with the time of The Rending. Some boldly claim that he caused The Rending in order to punish his father and the other nobles for the path they took. Most people, however, believe Tuthan perished when the seas around Falwyth fell in. Today, a statue of him sits on the top of the Tower of the Rising Dawn, commemorating his dedication to the good of his people over the value of his noble title.

Tuthan the Mariner

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