Long ago, the eladrin of Tavanion fashioned a way to keep track of years, measuring from the times that the two moons, Kassyle and Davron, come new in the sky together. When the Seven Kingdoms were founded, they started measuring from that year as the beginning of a new era. In modern times, most historians of the Seven Kingdoms adopt the terms PK (Pre-Kingdoms) and (SKR) (Seven Kingdoms Reckoning) to denote when a year occured by comparison to the founding of the Seven Kingdoms. In addition, all of the Seven Kingdoms continue to use this calendar and time-marking system.

The current year is 1,080 SKR. The campaign began in 1078.

A year begins when Kassyle and Davron are both New in the sky. This coincides with Jada 1st, which is called, simply, New Year. This day is holy to Oldorin of The Twelve.

The year is broken into 13 months of 28 days. The months are:

1. Jada
2. Feld
3. Malg
4. Arev
5. Meht
6. Juth
7. Chul
8. Auln
9. Stet
10. Aust
11. Noln
12. Delt
13. Carolan

It is believed that the 13 month names may come from terms of the so-called “”/wikis/old-ones" class=“wiki-page-link”>Old Ones". The eladrin cannot recall where the words for the months came from, and they hold no meaning in the Eladrin tongue.

Each month is broken into 4 weeks of 7 days.

1. Sunday
2. Moonday
3. Treesday
4. Waterday
5. Earthday
6. Fireday
7. Skyday

Both Kassyle and Davron come full on the 15th of Aust each year. This day is called Harvest Moon and is holy to Shandalene of The Twelve.


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