The Twelve

The Twelve are a pantheon of Gods worshipped by the humans of Summerlund. They brought the worship of the Twelve from their original homes in Falwyth. They rule the Astral domain of Arenthus.

The Twelve are:

Shandalene – the Mother Goddess – Goddess of Life and Nature

Oldorin – the Father God – God of Death and Inevitability. Unlike the others, he resides in the Shadowfell.

and their children:

Adanos – God of Magic and Song

Aiyela – Goddess of War and Rage

Avara – Goddess of Trickery and Luck

Danuvia – Goddess of Protection and the Hearth

Haladan – God of Passion and Love

Malana – Goddess of Agriculture and Farming

Randor – God of Crafting and Work

Rishtathis – God of Oceans and Storms

Valdamor – God of Valor and Chivalry

Valena – Goddess of Commerce and Travel

The Twelve

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