The Totems

The Totems are Primal Spirits, worshiped by the elves of Faerinwold. Although there are many, many totems (as many as there are animals), there are nine that are held as the most powerful and important. These nine are:

Bear – the Solemn Judge – controlling wisdom and patience

Cat – the Night Eyes – controlling perception and cruelty

Deer – the Meadow Dancer – controlling dance and fear

Fox – the Red Trickster – controlling trickery and mischief

Hawk – the Plumed Hunter – controlling archery and boldness

Otter – the Ever Youthful – controlling longevity and joy

Owl – the Night Killer- controlling stealth and grief

Squirrel – the Tree Leaper – controlling agility and courage

Wolf – the Moon Singer – controlling song and rage

The Totems

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