The Thanes of the Five Halls

The Thanes of the Five Halls are the Gods venerated by the dwarves of Kurdenheim. They rule the Astral domain of First Forge. The Dwarves love their gods dearly, for they not only defended Tol during the Dawn War, but they also aided the dwarves in their escape from the giants of Jotunheld. The Thanes are:

Durinthor Truesteel – the Forge Father – God of Crafting and Rulership

Humardin Broadshield – God of Protection and the Home

Kurana Firebraids – Goddess of War and Ale

Lotholdos Grayhood – Deity of Secrets and Mystery (this deity’s hood is always pulled forward, shadowing the face. It is unknown if he bears a male or female aspect.)

Suvada Brighteye – Goddess of Judgement and Death

The Thanes of the Five Halls

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