The Sisters

The Sisters are the fey Gods worshipped by the eladrin-in-exile, who rule the Astral domain of Arvandor. It is also not unheard of for some of the elves of Faerinwold to follow the Sisters, if they choose to follow the older ways. The Sisters are:

Lossonoria, Lady of the Song and Light – Goddess of Art and Creativity

Onoloria, Lady of the Staff and Star – Goddess of Magic and the Night

Teldaria, Lady of the Spear and Sword – Goddess of War and Valor

The pantheon was originally called the Four Sisters. The other three also included Laloltharia, Lady of the Web and Scheme, Goddess of Beauty and Intrigue. During the Feywar, as brother fought brother in the Feywild, Lalotharia fought against her sisters, trying to consume their power. The Elves who followed her were eventually forced to flee the Feywild for the deep places of Tol. They became known as the drow, and Laloltharia retreated into the Abyss, becoming known as Lolth, Demon-Queen of Spiders.

The Sisters

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