The Laughing Six

The Laughing Six are worshipped by the halflings of Dalenshire. They inhabit the Astral domain of Fiddler’s Green. The Dalenshiri enjoy a less formal and more friendly relationship with their deities, addressing them as Grammere or Granner in their prayers. To hear the halflings talk, their gods are always amongst them. The Six are:

Aribelle o’ th’ Rainbow – Goddess of Joy and Unexpected Beauty

Jemary o ‘th’ Cloak – God of Trickery and Self-Reliance

Kildin o’ th’ River – God of Travel and Love of Adventure

Mirielle o’ th’ Horn – Goddess of Bounty and Family Love

Remick o’ th’ Blade – God of Protection and Courage

Tilina o’ th’ Star – Goddess of Luck and Mysterious Happenings

The Laughing Six

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