In the days after the War of Horns but before the Black Fire War, the minotaurs of Minostal became somewhat gentled by their defeat at the hands of the Empire of Azmartheon. With their barbaric nature held in check by Dragonborn might, the minotaurs took as their rulers a series of philosopher-kings. In these days, Tharkos was the greatest of all their cities.

Tharkos was a bustling river-port, nestled between hills in eastern Keshwan. It enjoyed trade with the dragonborn, the humans of Falwyth, and the Genasi of Bedourin, amongst others. Many schools and debate halls became common, and theatrical amphitheaters were fashioned of mighty slabs of granite. Grandest of all buildings was the Temple of Behemat, their name for Bahamut, to whom they now swore. Only slightly less grand was the Hall of the People, a great open air structure where the philosopher-kings could speak with the nobles and commoners alike of their country.

When Stamatis Zotikos struck down the last philosopher-king, Eukleides Niklaos, he did so in the Hall of the People. He and his followers then began an orgy of death and destruction. Theaters became coliseums where the followers of Bahamut were slaughtered by the devotees of Baphomet. Blood ran in the gray granite streets. And the Temple of Behemat was rechristened to the worship of Baphomet.

Bahamut’s wrath fell upon this defiling, and his Exarch, Kuyutha, descended with armies of angels. The Baphomet-worshippers fled, for none of the Horned Kings’ demons came to their aid. The Baphomet followers abandoned Tharkos, and the city fell into a terrible quiet. Kuyutha and the armies of Bahamut removed themselves, and the carrion-eaters crept in.

The slaughter had been so great, and the rage of those slaughtered had been so terrible, that Undead slowly began to appear in Tharkos’ ruins. Those who still live in the area now call the city Thanatos, for only death lives there now. Tharkos suffered badly in The Rending, and it’s hard to imagine why anyone would return, but some do, braving disaster and ghoul, to try and locate some of the treasure and glory of lost Tharkos.


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