Temple of the Dawn

The Temple of the Dawn is the high church of Shandalene, located about five miles to the southeast of Estwald in the rocky terrain along the Summerlund coast. It is the seat of the worship of Shandalene on Aldorath, and people come from all over in Pilgrimage to the temple.

The dome of the marble temple is covered in porcelain & shells to reflect the rising sun, and it has many large open areas to allow sunlight to enter and illuminate the interior. Statues of angels and various Exarchs and famous followers of Shandalene can be found all over the grounds, and many are overwhelmed by the beauty of the building.

The Temple is the home of the Matriarch, the high priestess of Shandalene worship. As of the current time, this is Matriarch Ionna Palatina.




Temple of the Dawn

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