The Tarrasque, often called the Worldshaker, is the greatest of the Abominations, living weapons that the Primordials fashioned to aid them in the Dawn War. The Tarrasque (for there is only one), is an engine of destruction, made for nothing but slaughter and ruthless mayhem. After the Dawn War, the Gods subdued the Tarrasque, for they could not devise a way to slay it. They bound it in a deathless slumber, and they hid its whereabouts.It has awoken several times since then, the last time being about 1,000 years past, shortly after the last great attack by the Far Realm, but it was sent back to sleep by the Adventurers known as the Argent Circle.

Many rumors abound of where the Tarrasque might be. Some believe that it is buried deep beneath the Sea of Sunken Fires, while others maintain it lies frozen in the icy realms of Dojhan or bound in the ancient jungles of Velnar. Some even believe it to be deep within the very core of Tol and therefore bound to the world’s existance. None but the gods themselves could say, and they are silent on the matter. It may be that even they fear what might come were the Tarrasque released. If it were to threaten creation ever again, however, the clue to its ultimate destruction might lie in the hands of Amondarios, the only Primordial allowed his freedom.

Recent evidence unearthed by the Fire Wasps in ruins of the Old Ones under the town of Shellcliff has revealed that the Tarrasque was actually created by them as a living weapon to destroy the Gods and Primordials alike. They have kept the location of this ruin a close secret.



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