Targrek is an oni mage slaver who ran afoul of the Fire Wasps in Gristamere. He had been involved in trading slaves with Delben Larkspur and his plot with the Neogi, feeding off the terror that the slaving ring was creating.

Targrek first encountered the Fire Wasps when, ironically, his plan had gone awry. The slaves he’d been leading south to Greatwall Keep were attacked by Hill Giants, and Targrek found himself fleeing for his life. Spotting the Fire Wasps, he assumed the form of an old hobgoblin man and pleaded with them for help. The Fire Wasps slew the giants and offered to escort the old man to Kuhrzhakkos.

When the Zhakastir sent the Fire Wasps to investigate Kor Malkosh, Targrek offered to come along as a guide, hoping to find potential slaves to replace the ones he’d lost. As the Fire Wasps headed to their confrontation with the Madjack, Targrek left with the survivors of Kor Malkosh and Bidrek, a goblin they’d rescued along the way. Once they were clear of the city, he subtly used magic to guide the survivors where he wanted them to go.

Before he could rendezvous with Delben at Greatwall, the Fire Wasps, entrusted with a mission to end the slaving ring, caught up with them, and, seeing an opportunity to take out this threat, Targrek assumed his true form and attacked them from the rear. His overconfidence was his undoing, however, and he was slain and the slaving ring broken.


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