A single blade in hand, the warrior steps forward. With his other hand, he creates a shield of magic to protect himself. His fighting style combines swordplay and arcane power. This is the style of the Swordmage.

Swordmagic, also called Blade-dancing, is a potent combination of martial and arcane fihgting techniques. Variants were developed both by the Genasi of Bedourin, who wove their innate elemental energies into their scimitar styles, and by the Eladrin of Tavanion, who used their centuries-honed longsword style in combination with their magical connection to the Feywild. Although the two school of swordmagic are different in appearance and style, the results are largely the same – powerful offensive and defensive swordplay, amplified through enchantments and conjurations. The eladrin and genasi have taught this fighting style to other peoples and cultures, but they remain the foremost practitioners, and there are some amongst both cultures who feel that these secrets should be jealously guarded.

A distinct rivalry has arisen between the two styles, known simply as the “Western” and “Eastern” styles. This sometimes results in spectacular duels, and rarely elevates to more serious conflicts. More often than not, it stays as simple as good-natured insults and playful one-up-manship.

Swordmagic is most common amngst the eladrin and genasi that created the two styles. Worthy students have been found among all the races, however, so the styles have spread out amongst many peoples. Bladelings in particular have adopted Swordmagic, finding in it an outlet for those amongst them who have a bent for the arcane.


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