Seowyns Crossing

The small but important town of Seowyn’s Crossing in Summerlund is named for Seowyn Greenfields, a hero of the War of the God King. Seowyn led a combined group of Summerlings, Gristameri, and Dalenshire irregulars over the Silver Rush above the Silver Falls. This bold and dangerous decision (some of Seowyn’s troops were lost in the river crossing) allowed them to come to the aid of the elves of Faerinwold during the Battle of the Burning Sea. This earned Seowyn and his heirs the gratitude of the elves of Faerinwold, as well as the commendations of the Seven Kingdoms. He was made Lord Baron of Silver Falls, and the town he built near the garrison fort of Hallowir’s Watch now bears his name.

Over the years since, the town grew and prospered. Trade routes meeting in Seowyn’s Crossing connected Estwald and Calenmar in the east, the Universitas Magesterium and Gristamere to the north, Faerinwold to the west, and Dalenshire to the south. Seowyn’s Crossing became known for its hospitality to traders traveling through, and a crossroads for adventuers of all stripes.

Seowyn commissioned a huge arching bridge over the site of his dangerous and desperate crossing. It commands a spectacular view of the Silver Falls below.

After the fall of Hallowir’s Watch in the Second Witching War, the surviving soldiers fell back to Seowyn’s Crossing. Reinforced by allies from the town and from the other kingdoms, they turned back the Goblin advance at the Battle of Seowyn’s Crossing. The new garrison tower of Road’s End was built just over the river to the west. As the eastern Faerinwold has grown more wild and fey in the last 300 years, Road’s End has seen plenty of its own action. Although the Baron of Silver Falls is the ostensible ruler of the town, for day-to-day governing, the citizens have an elected Mayor. The current mayor is Eirene Adelani, a kindly but somewhat ineffectual leader.

Southwest of Seowyn’s Crossing, Snowcrest Mountain rises high over the hills called the Broken Barrows. Some of these hills sport broken bits of ruins and ancient burial chambers, but no one knows which civilization built them. These “”/wikis/old-ones" class=“wiki-page-link”>Old Ones“, as the villagers call them, are spoken of in tones of fear and reverence. Although they’re gone, one gets the feeling in the Barrows that they’re not as gone as some might wish. Occassionally, travelers heading south from the town are attacked by ”/wikis/undead" class=“wiki-page-link”>Undead, both Human and otherwise…

Rumor has it that a great brown bear, bigger than a horse, prowls the wild areas around the town. Although some hold that the bear is a fearsome predator, most eye-witness accounts say that the bear has aided travelers against goblins, kobolds, undead, and other menaces in the area. Some have even taken to calling the bear Seowyn’s Bear, saying that it’s a good spirit, sent by the ancient general to protect his town.

Seowyn’s Crossing has a population of about 1,200 residents, not counting the staff, garrison, and family of the keep at Road’s End. It has one Inn, located on one corner of the town square, called the Grape Arbor. It has four taverns, the Three Pints, Kenyon’s, the Stalk and Crow, and the Minstrel’s Tarry. It has a church dedicated to The Twelve, an excellent river dock system, one of the best weaponsmiths living outside of Kurdenheim, and an oracular goat named Bootsie. It’s also home to one of the only living wizards who studied at the Universitas Magesterium before its fall.

Seowyns Crossing

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