Seowyn Greenfields

Seowyn Greenfields was a warlord of Summerling descent who lived during the time of the War of the God King. His deeds are remembered well, especially by the elves of Faerinwold and the people of Seowyn’s Crossing, the town named for him.

Seowyn was born to poor farmers who held a tract of land to the south of the Valley of the Subtle Arts and the Universitas Magesterium and east of the Silver Falls. As a youth, he worked the farm for his father, but it was clear that the boy was meant for greater things. He soon enlisted in the area’s local militia, and, in no time, became known as an organizer and leader amongst his peers. During the Grim Winter of 7 PK, Seowyn helped rally the farmers to repel starving wolves and worse that came out of the forest and mountains.

His bravery and resourcefulness earned him respect and responsibility, as well as the notice of the King of Summerlund, who sent for him to act as an officer in the Summerling Army. By the time of the War of the God King, he was a full general, well-known for his battle-saavy and cunning.

He and his troops fought in the War of the God King many times, but it wasn’t until the spring of 9 SKR that his defining moment came. As Seowyn and his troops were heading west to take some rest, word came of an emminent attack by the Orcish Hordes against Faerinwold. Seowyn rallied his troops and struck west towards his old homestead. On the way, he met with and begged aid from Gristameri shock-troops and Dalenshire regulars. He knew that, just above the falls, the army could cross the river swiftly, despite the dangerous water levels after the spring thaw. Although they lost some troops in the crossing, this route saved them immense amounts of time, and they were able to join the Faerinwold archers to turn back the Orcish Hordes at the Battle of the Burning Sea, driving them into the waiting ambush of the eladrin galleons, coming out of the Feywild.

The elves of Faerinwold swore eternal friendship to him and his bloodline after the battle, and Karven Lavonwyn, the king of Summerlund, knighted him, declaring him the Lord Baron of Silver Falls, a new barony in the region of his old homestead. He had one son, named Hallowir Greenfields, and he oversaw the beginning of the restoration of an old nearby fortress into a baronial keep, named Hallowir’s Watch for his son.

Today, a statue of Seowyn Greenfields stands at the town square of Seowyn’s Crossing, a town that grew up under the protection of Hallowir’s Watch. He is held up by the folk of the town as one of them, and a testament to how high someone can rise in Summerling society.

Seowyn Greenfields

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