Many years ago, the warriors known popularly as Rangers traveled the trackless wilderlands, protecting civilization from the ravages of all who would do it harm. Rangers kept the piece with various fighting styles, and many of them were renowned for their peerless archery, their friendships with beasts, and their ability to command the ppowers of the Primal Spirits.

Over the years, however, a division grew in the ranks of the rangers. Many now believed that they should dedicate themselves more fully to the Primal Spirits and to seek to protect nature itself, rather than the peoples of Tol. The majority of rangers, however, believed that nature itself was something that Tol’s peoples sometimes needed protecting from, and so these warriors split.

One faction, who continued to call themselves rangers, gave up the primal magics they had known and stayed as the protectors of the people. A second group, now calling themselves Seekers, gave up their talents for mastery of hand-to-hand combat and chose instead to concentrate on archery and the primal magics they love. They have become protectors of nature, chosing to protect the natural world from all depredations, sometimes including the peoples of Tol in that description.

It’s important to note that rangers and seekers have no ill-will towards each other, and most of the time, they are able to work together to protect Tol from threats from without. It might be noted, however, that a friendly sort of rivalry often pops up between seekers and those rangers who favor the bow.


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