Rinton Whitehall

Rinton Whitehall is a young orphan of mixed Summerling and Kalrentai descent. He has always lived in the town of Estwald, where his parents had a small pottery shop in the Garden District. One night, their shop was one of several hit by a terrible fire during a bad summer of drought. Although Rinton’s father tossed him through the window to safety, his father and mother both perished. Rinton was little more than a baby at the time, and he doesn’t even properly remember their names. He was placed in an orphanage devoted to Shandalene, but the head caretaker there was abusive, and he ran away when he was only eight. Without other recourse, he took to stealing bread left on windowsills to cool.

This habit led him to try to steal food from the cookhouse of the Sword and Spell Inn and Tavern, which led to a chase by Brandoby Quietstreams and Drog. When they caught the boy, he broke down, begging for mercy. Once his story tumbled out, Brandy, knowing something of the life he must’ve led, found a soft spot in his heart for the boy. He and Drog took him in, and the boy has been serving at the Sword and Spell ever since. He helps with cooking, housekeeping, running errands, and generally finding ways to be useful. Although he’s terribly grateful to his benefactors, and he’s often able to push away his memories, on some nights, he’s haunted by his past. On such nights, Brandy lets him hide in the wine cellar, and no one scolds him for shirking his duties.

He has a lovely singing voice, and, if there are no traveling bards to entertain, Brandy sometimes lets him sing for coppers to entertain guests. He and Drog are both extremely protective of the boy, and being mean to him would be an excellent way to get oneself barred from the tavern premises, or possibly even dropped out of its trapdoor into the canal.


Rinton Whitehall

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