Rhezi Dhaldeldo

Rhezi Dhaldeldo is a Kobold Artificer specializing in alchemy who lives in Estwald. He is a rare example of an “urban” kobold who prefers the company of other races to his own (although it’s rumored that he knows other kobolds who dwell more “rustically” in the area called the Beneath.) His scales are a mottled combination of green and rust color, but he has a vivid burn scar on his right cheek. He stands at a towering three foot eight inches (tall for one of his kind), and he is believed to be sensitive about his height. Most chairs in his study are scaled (pun intended) for someone of Halfling size, but he also has simple sitting pillows, which allows him to look down on many taller folk who come to him for help.

Although his alchemy shop is hard by the Universitas Tarmoore in the city’s Garden District (and he has a small, unofficial office that he carved out of a broom closet in the College of Alchemy), he is not officially a teacher at that illustrious school – nor does he have any degree or accreditation from it. He is happy, however, to allow visitors to his shop to assume otherwise.

He has never taken a student. He claims it’s because he has never found someone with the right verve for the job. Some speculate it’s because he hasn’t found a prospective apprentice short enough to meet his preferences…at least until he met Tilly Thistleshanks.


Rhezi Dhaldeldo

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