In the ancient of days, the realm of the Elemental Chaos was ruled over by massive, powerful entities called Primordials. These capricious and sometimes cruel entities would fashion elemental matter and energy into various shapes and forms. When they grew bored of it, they would then smash these various creations and start again. Eventually, they fashioned a great shape full of all manner of elemental substance, and they were very pleased with their creation. They had been hard at work, and they now decided to rest before destroying what they’d made.

The Gods of the Astral Sea happened upon the creation and were delighted by it. They also decided to add to this creation, giving the shape all manner of moral life to exist upon it. They also named this creation, calling it Tol. When the Primordials returned, they were furious at what the Gods had done, and they sought to smash Tol immediately. The Gods, however, didn’t want their Primordials to destroy the world that their creations lived on, and so began the Dawn War.

Several races owe their existences to the Primordials. They were responsible forthe creation of the mighty titans who in turn created the giants. They also forged certain elementals into the armies of the archons and transformed the humans of northeastern Keshwan into the Genasi.

The Primordials were strong and terrible, and they were among the few entities that have ever been capable of slaying a god. If the Primal Spirits or Tol had not joined with the Gods, it’s likely that the Gods would’ve been defeated and Tol would’ve been destroyed. The Gods and Primal Spirits scattered the Primordials and imprisoned them in various ways. It is said that the Primordials remain in a state both dead and alive, awaiting the chance to be free, to destroy the Gods, and to finally bring an end to Tol.

Only one Primordial still remains free: Amondarios the Kindly One. Amondarios did not fight on either side of the war, choosing instead to simply aid the mortals who were affected by it. In exchange for a vow not to take up arms against them or to try to free the Primordials, Amondarios was allowed to remain free and go his own way. Since Amondarios changes hi shape and is only ever encountered in the form of a mortal, it’s hard to say if his true form is as monstrous as the other Primordials are said to be.


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