Owlfeathers is the nearly legendary founder and master of the Roof Owls thieves guild. Little is known of her, other than she is an Aarakocra, likely from the Everfrost Mountains. How she came to the city of Estwald is shrouded in mystery, but, once there, she began a unique life in crime, often robbing towers and houses previously thought unassailable by common thieves.

Gathering others around her, she began to teach her skills, to plan more elaborate criminal activities, and to generally get on the bad side of the city’s law and order. It is believed that she has a home in the city’s Lantern District, although others believe she may have a roost in some tower in either the Steel District or even the Castle District that the city guard no longer uses.

Given her distinct appearance, many assume she should be easier to locate and catch. This leads to speculation that she or someone who works for her is using illusory magic to disguise her or else that she simply never leaves her lair any more.



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