Osmund Valmar

Osmund Valmar was the son of Barthold Valmar. He became king of Summerlund when his father abdiacted in 727 SKR. He was considered one of the worst kings that Summerlund had ever had. He slowly raised the taxes on the Summerling people until they could barely stand it, and he used these monies to enrich himself and his cronies.

In 742 SKR, he unveiled a large, gilded statue of himself in a town square of Estwald. This statue showed him tall and heroic, bearing a sword over his head, proudly. In reality, Osmund was pronouncedly fat and no kind of warrior at all. The rumbles of rebllion began.

In 743 SKR, the popular young Duke Califax Padwyn of Ostralm led an uprising against the king. He was dragged from Castle Caladorn to Estwald, tried before the people, and hung from his own statue. The statue was then torn down, and the gold from it was donated to charities, churches, and the poor.

Osmund was the second and last king of Summerlund from house Valmar. The town square where the fateful statue had been has dubbed Osmund’s Folly, much to the chagrin of house Valmar.

Osmund Valmar

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