Norhast is a Human kingdom on the northeastern shores of Aldorath. Its inhabitants are referred to as the Northmen, although they call themselves the Hastane. They journeyed over the Frozen Sea from Jotunheld many years before even the Conclave of the Seven Kingdoms. They were enslaved during the coming of the giants at the beginnings of the Dawn War, much as the dwarves were. Unlike the dwarves, however, their escpae was a full-blown rebellion, in which many giants were slain by Hastane warriors. When they settled their new capital, they learned the common tongue spoken by the people of Aldorath, but, among themselves, they often speak the tongue of giants in contempt for their former masters. The capital of Norhast is Sigurth’s Climb, a city built high on a seacliff overlooking the sea. The ruler of Norhast is referred to as a Jarl. Their flag depicts a silver wolf on a black field.

The Hastane, or Northmen, are a tall, fair-haired and fair-skinned people. Although they originally made much of their living from sea-faring, raiding, and warfare, they have matured into a people deep in wisdom and skill. They still maintain a strong naval force, but they are also capable warriors on land, organizing into war-parties and fighting with strong guerrilla-like tactics.

Norhast is a rugged country, full of hills that are almost mountainous. The coastline of Norhast is carved deeply by glacial action, often featuring deep ravines and channels filled with water. The Hastane use their shallow-keeled vessels to ply these waters for both raiding and trading.

Norhast trades slate to Summerlund in exchange for beef. They trade coal to the Eladrin of Tavanion in exchange for bows. They trade fish to the dwarves of Kurdenheim in exchange for mutton, which they then trade to the goblins of Gristamere in exchange for corn.


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