Mourned God

The Mourned God’s existence is rememberd mostly by its absence. No one is sure of the Mourned God’s old name, appearance, sphere of influence, or affiliation. During the Dawn War, the Mourned God fought alongside its fellow deities against the Primordials for the fate of Tol.

One day, upon returning from battle wounded, he sought to rest in his Astral Sea domain. Instead, his Exarch Asmodeus demanded an audience to discuss the rights of the angels who fought on the sides of the gods and how they were being treated by comparison to the humans, elves, dwarves, and other races the gods had created. Angered, the Mourned God ordered Asmodeus to stand down and let him rest. To his shock, his former exarch attacked, aided by legions of rebeling angels.

Asmodeus and his supporters ultimately slew the Mourned God in a terrible act of deicide. Worse, he consumed the Mourned God’s spark of divinity, becoming a god himself. For his perfidy and betrayal, Asmodeus and his followers, now the first devils, were imprisoned in Hell, the ruin of the Mourned God’s old domain. Becuase Asmodeus consumed the Mourned God’s divinity, however, all that there was of the Mourned God has been forgotten, except for the truth of his murder.

The other gods keep this lesson in mind, treating their exarchs and angels with respect and loyalty. In this way, the Mourned God has been responsible for the continuation of the Gods’ dominion over their followers.

Mourned God

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