Unlike most of the peoples of Tol, the minotaurs of Minostal were not created by the Gods but by the Primordials. Specifically, the Horned King, Baphomet, created minotaurs and filled them with his own terrible rage. When the Primordials were defeated, however, the minotaurs were left alone on the coasts of Keshwan. They began to rampage across the land, hoping to carve themselves a rich and prosperous kingdom.

In the Empire of Azmartheon, however, they met their match. Their war against the dragonborn was a brief one, known as the War of Horns. When it was over, however, the dragonborn had defeated them. Minostal became a vassal state under the Dragon Emperor.

The dragonborn taught the minotaurs many secrets of culture, trying to enlighten and elevate them. Eventually, however, cultists of Baphomet overthrew this attempt, and the minotaurs returned to savagery as the Empire fell.

Minotaurs are large, savage warriors. In them burns both the spark of civilization and the terrible fire of Baphomet’s fury. Only time will tell which way this race will go.


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