The two day holiday of Midsummer is celebrated on the days of Chul 14 and 15. On both of these nights, the golden moon of Tol, Kassyle, becomes full, while the blue moon, Davron, is new. This lends great light to the evening’s festivities, which are usually held outside. In addition, many small paper lanterns are strung between trees in a town, casting even more illumination over the celebration.

This holiday is sacred to Shandalene, the mother goddess of the Summerlund gods called The Twelve. Both days are taken as days of rest, and the night between is often celebrated as a time for newly-weds to consumate their vows. In fact, Midsummer marriages are considered to be very lucky if performed on Chul 14, leaving that night for celebration.

On Chul 15, it’s common for friends and family to exchange gifts with one another, as well as for the leaders of communities or guilds to hold large feasts to celebrate the holiday.

In general, this holiday is a way for the hard-working Summerlings to celebrate the blessings of the gods upon them.


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