Mickelmas Quietstreams

Mickelmas “Mickey” Quietstreams is a Halfling, originally from Dalenshire, now residing in Estwald. He works for his cousin, Brandy Quietstreams as the head cook for the Inn and Tavern called the Sword and Spell.

Like his cousin, he is not very forthcoming about tales of his youth and family, but, given that the Quietstreams Clan was largely wiped out by the swamp monster, Limba, this may not be surprising. It’s clear that he’s put the disaster behind him, for he has found good fortune and happiness in Estwald. He is wed to a comely lass named Lalia, who is pregnant with their first child. While he finds his cousin’s friend Drog unnerving, the big Half-Orc has never been anything but friendly to him, and he’s being slowly won over.

Besides being an imaginative cook, Mickey is also a green thumb, and he’s successfully grown swamp pepper in a greenhouse he maintains on the roof of the Inn. This staple of halfling cooking is notoriously difficult to cultivate, and he prides himself on his successes with it.


Mickelmas Quietstreams

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