Lazaranthios the Bronze is a Bronze Dragon in his adult years. He patrols the waters between the Holds of the Sea Barons and Estwald, acting as a foil to those pirates, brigands, and corsairs that might attack those from more civilized lands. Like most dragons, he takes himself very seriously, and he considers himself something of a Paladin of Bahamut.

Although it’s not known how, in past years, he became friends with Honnak Wavecutter, Sea Baron of Shellcliff. He gave Honnak an ancient horn on their last parting which he can hear from a great distance. If the Sea Baron sounds the horn, and Laz hears it, he will stop at nothing to come to his old friend’s aid.

He despises those who prey on the weak, and he especially loathes reavers like Gar Shatterkeel and Captain Hellstrom who do so in the names of evil powers. He is glad to lend aid to those who would destroy these villains.

Following the Battle of Blacksail Harbor, he has taken control of Blacksail Harbor from the pirates that once ruled it. It will be an excellent staging point for him to battle those who will make trouble for travelers in the Bright Sea.



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