Laminok Kinslayer is the one-eyed God-King of the orcs. He rules an obsidian castle in the center of the Astral domain of Ghek’rak. According to orcish tradition, Laminok and Tuan Gildenhelm were brother gods. While Laminok was the god of rage and war, Tuan was the god of strength and honor. Each one had a path for the orcs to follow, but, while Tuan was content to let the orcs choose their destiny, Laminok wanted all the worshippers of their folk for himself. He ambushed and treacherously slew his brother, but not before Tuan’s scimitar cut across Laminok’s right eye, blinding him. Thereafter, Laminok gathered the worship of all orcs to himself. Tuan-worshippers were slaughtered outright, and it is believed that both they and their fallen god have ceased to exist.

With the death of Tuan, Laminok cautioned his priests to begin preparing the orcs for a war to end all wars. In 6 PK, he had his priests launch what became known as the War of the God King. The loss of this war caused the orcs to fall into dismay, fracturing back into warring tribes. During the Second Witching War, however, Laminok caused the orcs to reunite once more, this time winning strong victories for his followers.

The center for Laminok’s worshippers is the island-city-temple of Sharbaduk, off the south-eastern coast of Aldorath. Here, the God-King’s priests gather, divining the holy will of their one-eyed deity. Of late, however, disquieting rumors have come of orcs and half-orcs bearing the White Hand symbol of Tuan. Laminok’s greatest fear is that his brother has survived and will come to seek revenge for the wrongs done to him long ago.

Laminok’s holy symbol is a red eye. His chosen weapon is the spear. When he appears, he takes the guise of an orc as large as an ogre with his right eye horribly missing.


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