Kurdenheim is the Kingdom of the Dwarves. It is largely contained in and under the Everfrost Mountains of northwest Aldorath. The Dwarves founded this kingdom after escaping the slavery of the giants of Jotunheld. The Kingdom’s capital is the great city of Balgondelve, which is built partly on top of and partly within Mt. Silverhelm. The ruler of the kingdom is referred to as the Ar-Thane, while the ruler of each dwarven clan is called a Thane. The flag of Kurdenheim depicts a crossed pair of silver axes above an anvil on a blue field.

The dwarves of Kurdenheim originally lived in what is now the lands of Jotunheld, serving their Gods, The Thanes of the Five Halls, and delving deep in the mountains and earth. During the Dawn War, the giants and titans, servants of the Primordials, enslaved them, driving worship of the Thanes underground. Guided by visions, a leader arose among them, Balgon Fivebraids, who preached that the Thanes of the Five Halls had shown him the way to freedom. The dwarves bided their time, tunneling in secret, away from their giant masters. When the visions told Balgon to strike, he led his people in an offensive against the giants, driving them back to the north. Then the dwarves fled south, through tunnels they had labored long on. Finally, Balgon bade his people go on, led by his daughter Cassada Fivebraids. He stayed behind, and when the giants pursued, he struck at the ceiling of the tunnel with his great maul. Too late, the giants realized that the dwarves had led them through natural tunnels under the Frozen Sea. Balgon gave his life to flood the tunnels, drowning their giant pursuers. In the great tummult, the tunnels were drowned and blocked by tons of rock, never to be used again.

The dwarves, meantime, had made it to the lands Balgon had foreseen. They called their new lands Kurdenheim, and they built fortresses in the mountains, becoming masters of building and mining in stone. Cassada Fivebraids became first Ar-Thane of her liberated people. Her descendants still held the title when Shalana Silvermyst called the First Conclave of the Seven Kingdoms. Although they had doubts about their ability to be allied with the Northmen, they accepted the alliance.

Kurdenheim trades steel to Summerlund for grain. They trade weapons to Tavanion for dyes, and they trade mutton to Norhast for fish.


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