Kassyle, called “the Golden”, is the larger of Tol‘s two moons (the other being Davron the Blue.) Kassyle comes full every 28 days, on the 15th of each month. On the 15th of Chul, Davron is new, so the blue moon’s light doesn’t temper the golden’s at all. These two days are marked as the festival of Midsummer, which is holy to the Summerling goddess Shandelene.

On Aust 15th of each year, both moons are full. This lends long light through the night, leading to the festival called Harvest Moon.

On Jada the first of each year, both Kassyle and Davron are New, and this marks the first day of the New Year. This day is holy to the Summerling god Oldorin.

According to ancient legend, Kassyle is the prison of the Nameless. He was imprisoned there during the Dawn War after having been defeated by the briefly allied Gods and Primordials.


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