Illias the Blue

Illias ap Acari, known by his nom de guerre of Illias the Blue, is an Eladrin Wizard. He is a silent partner in the Inn and Tavern known as the Sword and Spell. It was he who enchanted the tavern’s sign to simulation a constantly shifting myriad of magical spell effects. Although he considered himself freelance, his last few adventures were with the Gold Dragon Company. As one of the only three survivors of that group following the exploration of the Fortress of Grandor, he pooled some of his resources with fellow Adventurers Brandy Quietstreams and Drog to open the Sword and Spell in Estwald.

Illias has dark brown hair, which is common to the house of Acari, which is considered a lower house in Eladrin society. Unusual for his house, however, his eyes are a bright solid silver. He is solidly built, seeming almost more Elf than Eladrin, and he favors blue and silver robes with elaborately worked decorations in high Eladrin style. His favored implement is the Tome, and he has a white raven familiar whom he calls Wisp.

Despite his family’s lower status, Illias’ skill at magic won him a place as a student at Tavanion’s famed Cerulean Academy. He progressed to the rank of Twilight, but he felt that, because of his family’s status, he was unfairly denied a chance to defend his thesis. He decided to leave the school and seek his fortune through Adventuring. He never formally joined a company, but he enjoyed success as a freelancer, eventually traveling with the Gold Dragon Company on their last few quests. He might have actually joined it if most of the rest had not either perished or retired following their adventure at the Fortress of Grandor.

Unlike his partners, Illias prefers not to live at the Inn, preferring, instead, to keep a modest wizard’s tower in the Eladrin neighborhood of Quellion in Estwald’s Sea District. He no longer keeps to an adventuring life, but he works as a sage on matters of Eladrin history and the Feywild, as well as offering his services as a spellcaster for those in need. When he comes to the Inn, he is greeted fondly by his old friends, and they often sit together, talking of adventures gone by, laughing at times, somber at others, and always drinking at least one round of the tavern’s signature mead, Golden Treasure, in honor of their fallen comrades.


Illias the Blue

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