Havens Guard

The Haven’s Guard is a mercenary company commanded by Sir Anathar Havengard and his daughter Daria Havengard. They are based in Barwych and have a good reputation for reliable service at reasonable prices.

The name Havengard began with his ancestor who in one of the last skirmishes against the goblins during the Second Witching War, managed to defend the small logging village of Haven in the northern reaches of Ostralm. Ulrich Cadesone was an aging sergeant in the service of the Summerling military and managed to defend the town with a half dozen seasoned soldiers and over 50 rag tag militia. After the war was over, Ulrich had lost his own hometown, so he decided to return to Haven for his retirement. Upon returning, he was lauded as a hero and given the title “Haven’s Guard”. Everyone always referred to him as Ulrich Havenguard. Over time it essentially replaced the family name of Cadeson. Over the generations, particularly after some of his ancestors moved away from Haven, the name was corrupted to Havengard.

Nearly all children in the line of Havengard have been raised on the story of Ulrich and the saving of Haven. While a number of them have been in the King’s Army in one form or another, only Anathar Havengard brought the name into the courts of nobles of Summerland and continues to do so as the leader or Haven’s Guard.

Haven’s Guard currently has three different teams that can currently be employed.

Anathar Havengard is the founder and leader of Haven’s Guard. He is a Human Warlord

The first squad tends to specialize in escort and bodyguard quests. It is lead by Daria Havengard who is a Human Swordmage that specializes in tactics and arcane knowledge.
The other members are Seth Bladeflurry, a Human dual weapon Fighter of dubious origin. Wardos Fiercemane, a young Dwarven Cleric of Humardin Broadshield. Rae Longshot, Elven Ranger. Sasha Shadowfen, a Halfling Rogue skilled in stealth, scouting, and sniping. Cale Woodjaunt, a Human Ranger.

The second squad is particularly skilled at cleaning out nests of monsters and lairs of bandits. It is led by Ellandis Gildenlink, Half Elven Paladin to Rishtathis. Rend Sterntower, an immovable veteran Half Orc Fighter. Elena Olesrad, a Human Warlord skilled with longbows. Thelisen Blasthand, a impulsive, but talented Eladrin war Wizard. Aleksander Blakhart, Human Ranger and his pet wolf Kels.

The third and final squad is skilled in dealing with magic phenomena and similar situations. Jelisk Firesong, Tiefling Bard is the leader. Adesha, a Dragonborn fire Sorceress. Olerik Earthhome, an elderly dwarven Ardent. Ellis Glimmerflick, a Gnome Illusionist. Zarl Greyholme, a Human Fighter. Elia Greyholme, a Human Rogue.

Havens Guard

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