Halflings are a small but clever and surprisingly resilient people. They are believed to have originated on Aldorath, possibly as a small native race influenced by the closeness of the Feywild. As more and more peoples began to settle on the continent, they moved from place to place, ultimately gaining a reputation for their wide-spread traveling, their knack for trading, and their ability to get along peacefully with other peoples. Although they claimed no particular area of the continent as home, they were ceded the southeastern lands at the First Conclave of the Seven Kingdoms. They named this place Dalenshire (possibily originally meant as Dale and Shire. In modern halfling accent, it’s pronounced as dawn-SHEER.)

Although they’ve been pushed north and west by the incursions of the Orcish Hordes, they’ve shown their resiliancy by adapting to the marshier bayous and terrain of their new homes. Now halfling river ships are seen on all the major waterways of Aldorath, and one wonders if they feel that they lost anything of note when their “Kingdom’s” borders were redrawn.

Common halfling idioms:
  • “Rivers only run downstream.” (Leopards can’t change their spots.)
  • “Four-leaf clovers don’t find themselves.” (God helps those who help themselves.)
  • “A hook will serve when your net needs mending.” (There’s more than one way to skin a cat.)
  • “Let’s make sure all the peppers are seeded.” (Make sure everything’s inorder.)
  • “It’s not dinner til the stew’s hot.” (It’s not over til the fat lady sings, or don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.)
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    Seven Kingdoms: Seowyn's Crossing aethan