Griff Everwise

Griff Everwise is an elderly Dreamsight Shifter who resides in the Den, a small all-shifter neighborhood in Estwald’s Salt District. He is often jokingly referred to as the “mayor” of the Den. In truth, he is one of the neighborhood’s oldest inhabitants, and his mother was one of the first shifters to get the idea of creating a neighborhood of their own.

He spends much of his time walking around in a dreamy state, half-shifting in and out of his rattish features. Despite the ill reputation of his lycanthopic kin, he is well-loved by the shifters of the Den, and many of them call him Uncle and go to him for advice.

Griff is a smoker of Brineweed, as well as a cultivator and breeder of it. He has his own blend, called Dreaming in the Den, that he particularly favors. He is also an accomplished student of Astrology, and he believes he can tell much about someone based on when they were born.


Griff Everwise

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