Gold Dragon Company

The Gold Dragon Company was a chartered company of Adventurers whose successful careers came to an abrupt end ten years ago. Their final adventure at the Fortress of Grandor left only two chartered members alive, and they decided to retire rather than try to reform the group.

The original members of the group were Halfling Rogue Brandoby Quietstreams, usually nicknamed Brandy, Human Paladin Brother Albertus, Half-Elven Bard Sitchka Brightsong, Quiver the Kalashtar Monk, and Dragonborn Sorcerer Ashkaron Bluescale.

Brother Albertus met his end while the group was exploring the Gnoll lands of Kyask, sacrificing his life to help his companions flee the Feasting Table. They took succor in the islands of Kaoru, where the Half-Orc Barbarian Drog joined them. This remained their group for several years, until an adventure in the Desolation of Azmartheon where Ashkaron met his end fighting the Green Dragon Vythak the Reaver.

The Minotaur Druid Kalmathios of the Wastes joined them for their last few adventures, and they hired a freelance Eladrin Wizard, Illias the Blue to bring some extra spell power on board. They successfully took on a number of challenges, until Kalmathios convinced them to investigate the Fortress of Grandor. There, they found an army of Aberrations from the Far Realm, led by the Illithid Ardent Sheraku’ul. In the battles with these foes, Kalmathios and Sitchka perished, and Quiver gave his life to close a rift to the Far Realm.

Brandy, Drog, and Illias, as the sole survivors, took it upon themselves to arrange funeral expenses for their companions, and then seek out their families to give equal shares of the treasure they had not yet split. Brandy and Drog began to discuss setting up an Inn and Tavern specifically for Adventurers, and Illias, fond of the two, offered some of his profits to take a lesser and silent partnership in their endeavor. They opened the Sword and Spell in Estwald’s Garden District, and they’ve been enjoying tremendous success ever since.

Gold Dragon Company

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