The Gods are beings of immense power who inhabit the Astral Sea. It is not known if they are eternal, but they are commonly held to be immortal, barring a war among gods or attack by a creature of godlike power. Although they have great power, they are not omnipotent; the exarch Asmodeus was able to slay the God he served and subsume the divine spark, becoming almost a God himself.

Most of the peoples of Tol worship the gods, although some do not. Some who do not follow the gods, such as the giants, worship the Primordials. Others, such as the gnolls, venerate a powerful Demon or Devil.

Some of the Gods worshipped in the Seven Kingdoms generally belong to one of several pantheons, as follows:

The Twelve – venerated by the Summerlings

The Sisters – venerated by the Eladrin-in-Exile

The Totems – venerated by the elves of Faerinwold

The Thanes of the Five Halls – venerated by the dwarves of Kurdenheim

The Laughing Six – venerated by the halflings of Dalenshire

The Four Winds – venerated by the Hastane

The Dark Lady and the Bright Lord – venerated by the dragonborn

Other gods who aren’t part of a particular pantheon include:

Kavesh, the patron god of Gristamere

Laminok, the God-King of the Orcish Hordes

Lolth, the Demon-Goddess worshipped by the drow

Szathusa, the destructive and decadent god of the Yuan-Ti

Uluthog, the Worm that Gnaws the World

There is also a forbidden pantheon of three gods who are considered quite evil. Worship of them is forbidden in all of the Seven Kingdoms, even Gristamere.


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