During the Dawn War, the northeastern deserts of Keshwan were one of the first areas conquered by the Primordials on Tol, and this area acted as a beachhead for Primordials of Air and Fire. In this area, some of the humans that the Gods had created lived, and the Primordials, titans, and giants enslaved them.

Seeking to tie these humans more tightly to their cause, the Primordials bound each one with energies taken from the Elemental Chaos. In this way, family lines were broken and split, with different members of the same family divided by the elemental souls within them. Similar to the genies of the Elemental Chaos, these new creations were named genasi.

Ultimately, the genasi rebelled against their masters, helping the gods and the other races drive the Primordials back from their world. When the Primordials were bound, the genasi found themselves a free people. Most settled in the lands they had once loved, naming them Bedourin, while others, possibly obeying the call of their own elements, departed for other lands.

The genasi of Bedourin swore fealty to the Dragon Emperor of Azmartheon, and they fought alongside the Dragonborn during the Black Fire War. After The Rending, however, most of Bedourin was devestated. The genasi have either largely dispersed into the world or now rule as isolated tribes and little fiefdoms, a shadow of their former glory.


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