Gar Shatterkeel

Gar Shatterkeel is a reaver who roams the waters around the Holds of the Sea Barons. Originally a pirate, Gar “found religion” when he fell over the side of his ship and almost drowned. Faced with a watery doom in “Dagon’s Gullet”, he spat in the face of Rishtathis, but cried out instead for Olhydra, the Princess of Elemental Evil Water. The normally aloof Primordial took Gar into her bosom, rescuing him by the intervention of Shoalar Quandrill, one of her priests. Under Shoalar’s guidance, he quested for and won a cutlass called Drown, which seems to be made of pure elemental water.

Gar swore fealty to her, rechristened his ship the Olhydra’s Fury, built a crew of murderous thugs, and began to pillage every ship he ran across, killing their crews in sacrifice to Olhydra’s bloody thirst. Eventually, his object of worship put him in touch with the White Lady to further the aims of the mysterious Elder Elemental Eye. His crew suggest that the normally heartless Gar seems to have fallen for this mysterious beauty.

In late 1080 SKR, Gar lost a battle with the Fire Wasps, finding that he had underestimated their prowess in battle. He was forced to retreat with the Olhydra’s Fury, thus evading capture. It seemed likely he would lick his wounds and begin his campaign of terror anew. When the Fire Wasps decided to fight him on his own turf, it led to the Battle of Blacksail Harbor and his death.


Gar Shatterkeel

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