Fortress of Grandor

The Fortress of Grandor was an old ruin in the northern reaches of Keshwan in part of what was once Falwyth but is now generally considered the borderlands of the Desolation of Azmartheon. It was destroyed in the cataclysm referred to as The Rending, but various monsters and villains have used it as a base of operations over the years.

In 1070 SKR, the Fortress came under the sway of Skeraku’ul, an Illithid Ardent, who came up from below in the Underdark to take possession of it. He began to pry open a rift to the Far Realm with his foul powers, and a host of Aberrations began to flock to him.

Alerted to the unnatural energies coming from these activities by his connection to the Primal Spirits, the Minotaur Druid Kalmathios of the Wastes began to investigate the possibility of exploring the Fortress and discovering the source. He convinced his fellow Adventurers in the Gold Dragon Company to look into things, and they quickly discovered the horror lurking in the darkness.

The battles to stop Sheraku’ul raged for days, as the evil Mind Flayer continued to pry the rift further open. Finally, in a desperate last push, the Company broke through the last defenses and confronted their enemy directly. Kalmathios perished in battle with their Illithid foe, as did the half-elven Bard, Sitchka Brightsong. The rift threatened to continue to grow until the Kalashtar Monk Quiver sacrificed his life to close it. The resulting implosion nearly killed the remaining Adventurers, but they escaped with their lives. The burrows down into the Underdark were thankfully collapsed, and a number of towers fell, but the bulk of the Fortress remains intact.

Most consider it only a matter of time before another menace moves in.


Fortress of Grandor

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