Almost all creatures that live on Tol need to eat, so it’s no surprise that food is such a big part of culture throughout the Seven Kingdoms. The vast majority of meals eaten are prepared in family settings, but some, especially Adventurers, take their meals in eateries or have them delivered to a Tavern or Inn that they’re frequenting.

Summerling cuisine is very hearty and solid. Roasted meats, thick stews, dense breads, and strong cheeses make up the majority of Summerling meals.

Hastane cuisine is similarly hearty. Whole animals are roasted over open fires in traditional Hastane meals, and fish plays a strong component. Thick biscuits that they refer to as cake are a part of almost all meals.

Gristameri meals feature a lot of fish, rough brown bread, and thick cheeses. Vegetable dishes are very rare.

Dwarven cuisine is based largely on the resources they can manage. Mutton and lamb stew, especially when rounded out with thick slabs of various shelf fungi, are the primary staples.

Elven cuisine tends to be lighter fare. Venison, rabbit, small birds, and river fish are often matched to fruit and vegetables in warm sauces. Fry bread is a common dish during all meals, especially when stuffed with minced portions of leftover foods from the day before.

Eladrin meals are often elaborate and stunning. Deep sea fish, elegant pheasants and peacocks, exquisite vegetable dishes, sugary subtleties, annd even more elaborate fare can be found on an eladrin table. Eladrin consider any meal an opportunity to make art.

Dalenshire cuisine ranges from very down-to-earth to surprisingly subtle and elaborate. Thick, hearty stews are a mainstay, often incorporating crayfish, sausage, fiddleheads, swamp birds and the like. They also make spicy meat dishes that blister the palette and tempt the tongue.


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