Flatauvius Wittleswork

Flautavius Wittlesworth is a Gnome who works at the Universitas Tarmoore. He is a Rock Gnome, given to making clockwork trinkets to assist him in his lofty position as the chief librarian of the Harkan Phoenixeye Memorial Library. He is young in years for his people and still quite spritely, but he has a streak of white in his otherwise bright red hair. When pressed, he admits that it came from his attempt to gain admission to the Universitas’ school of magic – an attempt at which he failed.

Flaut, as he generally refers to himself, is a typical gnome. He has a wry sense of humor, a love of pranks, and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He has a general idea of where almost any book in the collection is, and he has an exhaustive recollection of who shows interest in various subjects. He has final say on who gets access to the library, and he guards the books as jealously as a Dragon watches a hoard of gems. He has a love of fine feywine, however, and this can sometimes be used to get him in a more flexible mood about letting people inspect the stacks.

He absolutely loathes the Kobold Artificer Rhezi Dhaldeldo and refuses him access to the library at every turn – Flaut’s clockwork guards have orders to turn the little alchemist out of doors on sight.


Flatauvius Wittleswork

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