The creatures called the fey, created by the goddesses called The Sisters, originally took the difficult task of guarding the Feywild against any encroachment by the Primordials and their servants. The raw, chaotic energies of the Feywild filled them, changing them into many different forms. One of these forms is believed to be the progenitor eladrin race. After the Primordials were defeated, many of this race decided to stay in the Feywild to rule and guard it, but many also went to Tol out of curiosity, settling in the forests and natural places that reminded them most of their homes. In friendship, the eladrin forged a great kingdom called Eldanor which lay partially in and partially out of the Feywild.

Many centuries passed, and the two branches of eladrin grew more and more apart. Some eladrin in the Feywild, mostly devotees of Laloltharia, Goddess of Intrigue and Cunning, began to argue that the eladrin on Tol were plotting to take the power of the Feywild all for their own. The devotees of Laloltharia amongst the eladrin of Tol began to whisper that the Feywild eladrin planned to seal the Feywild, denying the Tol eladrin access to their homelands. With suspicion and anger between them, the Feywild and Tol eladrin began to argue, until the arguments turned to blows. Soon, a full war was on, as brother killed brother. Infuriated by what they saw as betrayal for keeping their birthright from them, the Tol eladrin left the ancient lands of Eldanor, and they traveled north, settling in the forests they preferred. They called themselves elves to diffirentiate themselves from their now estranged kin. The gave up worship of the Four Sisters, preferring to seek wisdom in the natural creatures of the land, learning lessons from different totem animals. Their veneration of these creatures empowered totems of the different cratures they followed, giving them godlike status.

Now fully a third of the eladrin race, the followers of Laloltharia now struck. Declaring herself the Demon Queen of Spiders, Laloltharia now renamed herself Lolth and struck at her sisters. The Lolthites attacked Eldanor, shattering the power of the Kingdom, seeking it for their own. Seeing now the corruption of Laloltharia, the faithful eladrin fought back, defending Eldanor. Finally, to keep the kingdom’s power from the hands of the Lolthites, a group of eladrin went into self-imposed exile, allowing Eldanor’s lands within the Feywild to retreat deeper, away from the conflict. They met the Lolthites in battle in the Feywild and in Tol, but they feared their defeat was nigh. At that moment, the elves came from the north to the defense of their kin. Their new totems had seen what was happening and revealed Laloltharia’s corruption and trickery. Together the eladrin and elves defeated the Lolthites, promising them that they would have no home in the Feywild or Tol.

Fearing the wrath of those they had betrayed, the Lolthites followed the priestesses of their goddess into the depths of the world. Finding an Underdark of vast caverns like the realms of the Fomorians back in the Feywild, they took these as their lands, eventually becoming corrupted by the dark energies of doorways from their realm to the kingdom of their goddess in the Abyss. Now black skinned and light-hating, the Lolthites occassionally raid the surface of Tol. They have become known as the drow after an old Northman word for a shadowy sort of troll. The eladrin-in-exile and the elves swore kinship to each other, but they are too different to consider themselves one race now. The eladrin settled in what was once part of Eldanor, living partly in and partly out of the Feywild. Their lands are now called Tavanion. The elves stayed in their woodland kingdom they had settled, naming it Faerinwold.


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